Design Benefits

  • Designed By And For Parking Professionals:

    The fact that the MORE PARK® was designed by and for parking professionals gives you the peace-of-mind that you are dealing with a parking solution that was well thought out, and its predecessors have been tested in hundreds of installations throughout Europe. This real-world testing has resulted in a highly functional design, maximizing user acceptance while minimizing your upfront costs

  • Modular System

    A modular system allows limitless layout options to meet the constraints of your particular site. Since the MORE PARK® System is modular, it can be added on to any number of times as your parking requirements change through the years offering flexible entry points when initially deploying the system.

  • No Obstructions

    The upper deck is without obstructions so it can be laid out to any configuration which increases parking efficiency or to match the needs of your clientele.

  • Customized to Your Specifications:

    Adjustable columns provide total flexibility and adaptability to your sites drainage system, its topography, and can fit virtually any existing parking lot slope, even slopes of several feet. Headroom clearances can be customized to your specific requirements.

    Exterior façades can be customized using metal panels, steel railings, precast concrete, brick veneer or even used for banner advertizing in high traffic areas in accordance with local building laws.

  • Wide Ranging Available Options

    At MORE PARK®, we are committed to providing as many options as possible to create the look-and-feel you desire, while providing useful and beneficial options.