More Park Applications

What are the potential applications of The MORE PARK® System?

The flexibility of The MORE PARK® System provides opportunity for many applications from large-scale commercial parking, to small-scale tight lots in urban centers. The MORE PARK® System suits the following applications:


Large scale and small regional airports to meet increased parking deman.  Major airpoorts are already feeling the effects on parking created by the new Super Jumbo Jets.


Increase parking for patients, doctors and employees by decking existing lots


Increase parking for patrons and employees by decking existing lots, or create valet parking areas

Transportation Facilities

Mass Transit and Inter-modal Transportation Facilities like train, bus and ferry parking expansion applications. With government focus on converting more commuters to mass transit the More Park® System can be the answer to high demand for reserved parking. The addition of the decks over existing parking can allow for higher parking rates for covered parking vs open surface parking.

Shopping Centers

Developers can double up spaces around existing storefronts to free up land for build-to-suit, substantially increasing the value of land converted from free parking the income generating shops.

Universities, Schools and Dormitories

Many Campuses are landlocked and when additional buildings are needed often the only available space is student parking or off campus sites, so the  campus parking lots are immediate targets as development sites.  Current parking lots can be decked  with the More Park® System  to replace a lot used for development, saving the expense of purchasing off campus sites for new buildings.

Various Office Buildings and Businesses

Expand your growing business by adding parking without committing to a costly parking garage.  When replacing tenants, many buildings are finding that the new tenants require more parking space due to changes in the number of employees  of the new tenant

Temporary Construction

Use as temporary parking during a large-scale construction project to replace areas taken as contractor staging yards while construction is performed