Are You Experiencing Problems Like These?

Crowded car park

Everywhere we turn today we are faced with parking problems, from office parks, to retail centers (especially during holiday seasons), mass transit stations, colleges and universities to hospitals and medical centers, wherever we turn parking is at a premium.

Countless newspaper articles bemoan the plight of the commuter in the Northeast, or patients and visitors to hospitals, students continually rail against Universities where finding a parking space can be like scoring a $100 winning Lotto ticket when you pick up your morning latte.

Commuter rail systems need to increase ridership, and by doing so they put pressure on already overflowing surface lots in outlying areas. Parking permits are at such a premium you can wait as much as 10 years to obtain one.

Universities sprawl across large campuses where parking problems exist from one corner of the campus to the other and even a multi-story parking garage cannot solve the parking problems when it is several blocks away. In all major cities hospitals are constrained by development all around them, even with an inventory of garages and surface lots, hospitals can barely cope with patient and visitor volume, let alone the increased volume when shift changes occur requiring significant staffing overlaps for a hour or two. As hospital services increase so does parking demand, for both staff to offer the service, and customers who utilize the added services.

Do you want to begin your interaction with your customer after he or she has had a frustrating parking experience having searched for a parking spot for 10 minutes, or perhaps just walked 4 blocks to get to you? Wouldn’t you rather greet a smiling customer who just pulled into a readily available parking spot? Parking problems can and should be dealt with, and if you have surface lots packed to the gills, MORE PARK® can help.