Standard Items

What items are standard with The MORE PARK® System? The following items are considered “standard” and are included in any MORE PARK® System:

  • High-strength steel members A992, A500B, A53B grades
  • Galvanized coatings to all steel members to ASTM A123/A 123M
  • Seismic, vertical and horizontal braces to meet local building codes
  • Precast concrete decks
  • Concrete additives for durability
  • Integrated rainwater collection system, discharge into your existing system
  • Steel access stair(s) as required by local building codes
  • Concrete ramp(s) as required to access upper deck
  • Precast (sandblasted finish) façade around deck perimeter 4-10″ tall
  • Crash barrier rail around all edges of the upper deck and ramps
  • Snow gate(s) as required on upper deck
  • Striping of all spaces, handicap spaces, and directional arrows
  • Lighting of upper deck, under deck, stair and ramps per code

The MORE PARK® System, is a full-featured parking solution which can be customized to fit your specific needs. It is built to last, it is flexible in its architectural design and it’s environmentally low impact.